I’M HERE TO FUCK SHIT UP. Boom City 2014.
Be safe out there tonight. View high resolution

I’M HERE TO FUCK SHIT UP. Boom City 2014.

Be safe out there tonight.

New series, Boom City up on my site! Happy 4th!

Ettalew’s Medibles 

When prostate cancer left a neighbor bedridden and stage IV liver cancer was claiming a close friend, Alison Draisin mixed marijuana into some old family recipes to help alleviate their pain. She had plucked the recipes from a book, parts of which had been passed along for five generations, starting with her great-great-grandmother Ethel Goldstein.

In the past decade the small town Vincente Guerro, Mexico, commonly referred to as Los Algodones or Molar City, has exploded into a mecca of pharmacies, dentists, and opticians crammed into 4-block radius immediately across the boarder from Yuma, Arizona. On an average day in January over 33,000 tourists, primarily Canadian and U.S. senior citizens, cross the boarder looking for discounted pharmaceuticals, eyeglasses, plastic surgery or dental care at significantly lower prices than those back home. With an estimated 350 practicing dentists, it’s regularly touted as the largest concentration in all of Mexico, if not the world.

Time lapse of every frame I took while in Los Algodones, Mexico investigating the proliferation of dentists in this small town just across the U.S. boarder. 

Canyon rock study, 2014. 

Taken on the day of the worst dust storm I’ve ever encountered near Gallup, NM back in March. Was forced to pull off the road at certain moments because I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. 

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